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Do you have the time to find the skilled professionals who are not actively looking for an opportunity?

Recruiting and retaining superior executives to lead your organizations is vital to the success and long term viability of your company.

Healthcare organizations know that an error in selecting the right managers can be costly and set back success for years. Due to time constraints organization find themselves under time pressure and make too hasty a decision during the recruiting and hiring process.

Crowne Healthcare Advisors partners with you during this critical activity. We take the time to understand your company during an extensive planning process. We identify the skill set needed to work within your culture and alongside the existing leaders. We create a customized recruiting plan to ensure we find the right candidates and ultimately the perfect hire.

Our experience in the healthcare industry places it in unique position to assist you with your Executive Search needs. Our experience enables us to better assist you in establishing criteria to meet your needs and then searching out the best candidates. We work with successful executives every day and know what it takes to be a leader. Using Crowne Healthcare Advisors for your Executive Search allows you to focus your valuable time running your business.


Crowne Healthcare Advisors provides complete and comprehensive Executive Search services to organizations in search of qualified leaders. Our service often recruits candidates who are not active in the job market but would relocate for the right opportunity. The task of identifying and appraising well-qualified managers is painstaking and time-consuming and must be governed by an orderly approach.


  • Develop hiring needs and criteria.
  • Provide written position specifications.
  • Source and screen candidates.
  • Assist with interviewing and offer negotiation.
  • Evaluate criteria and conduct annual reviews.
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