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Helping organizations maximize the time and results of meetings and retreats

Good meeting facilitation takes preparation.

We believe in tailoring our meeting facilitation approach to fit your unique needs. Understanding what you want to accomplish at your retreat, strategy session, or advisory board meeting, and then showing you how we can help is the key to our success.

Today healthcare organizations are facing an extraordinary range of opportunities, threats and issues to address. Often organizations attempt to conduct meetings or retreats to resolve issues and shape plans for the future. These meetings are a big investment and require a huge investment of time from the participants. These costs make it imperative to efficiently and effectively run the meetings. What is often needed is an objective outsider to assist in facilitating decision-making meetings of healthcare organizations. We help clients work through sensitive, emotionally charged issues.


Through Crowne Healthcare Advisors Facilitation Services, we assist healthcare organizations in making the most efficient and effective use of their meeting time.

Six-step Facilitation Process


Initial Consultation

We help you clearly define the goals for your meeting.



We then prepare a detailed proposal for you that describes how we can help you achieve your goals. The proposal describes each step of the process and all of the deliverables. Included in the proposal will be recommended pre-work.



This usually involves conducting interviews or collecting and tabulating online survey results.



As we facilitate your planning session, corporate retreat, or customer advisory board meeting, we will work closely to adapt the approach as events unfold. We keep the meetings on track and moving forward. We offer objective assistance in resolving highly sensitive issues. Providing focus and keeping the group on track.



Immediately after the session, we prepare a complete meeting report that captures the results of your meeting.  All action items agreed to by the participants are documented as part of this report.



We will follow-up with you after the meeting report has been delivered to answer any questions.


  • Provide focus.
  • Engage the participants.
  • Reduce wasted time.
  • Provide an outside perspective on the external environment.
  • Ask the tough questions.
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