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Do you have the governance structure you need to thrive?

Are there clear lines of responsibility and authority?

Is your decision making process streamlined?

Are there too many people involved in governance activities?

The organizational structure of a practice is usually the result of an evolutionary process begun when the group was first founded. As the practice has grown and is now faced with much more complex situations, a strong functional governance model is critical.

Physicians, while highly trained in the practice of medicine, often have limited experience in how to reach decisions in a group environment. Governance requires that responsibilities be defined and that authority is assigned so decisions can be made in a streamlined fashion. Each physician needs to understand the governance structure and support the decision makers in executing plans.

Crowne Healthcare Advisors can design and develop a governance structure that can improve the progress of the group in reaching its goals. Through improved physician and administrative teams, the practice members and leaders will experience less frustration and dissatisfaction.


Crowne Healthcare Advisors can assist you in solving these issues by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the organization. In depth interviews with practice leadership and physician members will be conducted. A review of the bylaws and the current activities will be completed.

During our engagement, we will work with you to create a governance structure that is supported by the practice values and culture. We will help you understand the current environment and create the environment your practice needs for long term success.


  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the governance model.
  • Develop a defined organization structure.
  • Specifically identify responsibilities and authority.
  • Create a formalized governance and decision-making process.
  • Develop job descriptions and performance review systems for administrative staff.
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