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Facilitation of the development of strategic, long-range plans to assist in direction-setting for the organization

The healthcare environment today is unsettled, requiring the leadership team and their stakeholders to agree on common vision, values, and goals for the future path of their organization. This type of alignment of direction is often difficult to develop because the team rarely focuses on it in a structured setting. The lack of mutually developed and agreed-upon goals can hinder the organization by dividing the efforts and attention of the team.

Crowne Healthcare Advisors understands how to navigate through these turbulent times. We apply effective strategic and business planning tools to facilitate smooth and productive change. In partnership, we can decrease the effects of the ever increasing pressure leaders are experiencing in the search of effectively and efficiently managing services and resources.

We utilize a highly interactive process that integrates the input of staff, patients, management, leaders and other key stakeholders. Together we will develop objective and realistic priorities to map your organizations future direction. The result is an agreed upon set of objectives and goals which can be pursued by the organization.


The right facilitator can make all the difference in the world. A neutral facilitator doesn’t have a stake in the outcome and is in the best position to be neutral and unbiased. By taking over the meeting we allow the chair or CEO to participate like they never could before. And finally, our experience and toolkit is going to save time and effort while producing better results.

We begin the planning process with individual team member interviews. Interviews are selected from stakeholders, physicians and members of the management team. Data is gathered to create a comprehensive understanding of the organizations internal and external environment. Following these fact finding activities, a one or two day retreat is facilitated where the participants create the plan.


  • Conduct an Environmental Scan
  • Complete a SWOT Analysis
    • Review the organization’s strengths and  weaknesses
    • Identify opportunities and threats
  • Create a Vision, Mission and Values Statement
  • Develop realistic goals and objectives
  • Create an execution and monitoring action plan
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